What Type of Adirondack Chair is Right for Me?

Outdoor furniture should be as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as the pieces you have inside your home. Although the warmer months are fleeting, they do draw us outside to lounge in our green spaces and appreciate all nature has to offer. Adirondack chairs are highly sought after due to their reclined structure which provides ideal conditions for relaxing. They also have a unique look and size when compared to other outdoor furniture. At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, we have been handcrafting these superior pieces of comfort mixed with quality for more than 65 years. 

We have many styles of our famous chairs to choose from, so you might be thinking, what type of Adirondack chair is right for me? All Adirondack chairs are ergonomically designed, and ours come in a range of materials and, by extension, colours to suit your style. Our goal has always been to provide furniture that lasts for generations because it is made not only of the best quality materials but also by using a timeless design. Read on to help decide on the best chair for you!

Choosing Your Type

Classic (Standard)

Our Classic is our most affordable and smallest option. It’s a great choice for those looking to get many chairs around a smaller fire pit or on a private patio or balcony. It has six back slats, the seat measures 20 inches wide, and it can support up to 300 pounds. Just like all of our chairs, it folds in half for easy movement and storage.

Royal (Large)

The Royal is one step up from our Classic and happens to be our best-selling model. It is wider, with a 22-inch seat and seven back slats. The roomier space allows for a more comfortable seating option and it rests on an angle that makes it slightly easier to get in and out of. The six-inch wide arms are great for balancing drink cups or small plates, and the chair itself can hold up to 400 pounds. 

Grand (Oversized)

If you are looking for the ultimate wide chair experience, you’ll love our Grand option. It is possible to fluff the seat with pillows to make it feel like an even more comfortable experience. This model has eight back slats, our widest 26-inch seat, and a slightly taller back at 34.5 inches. The oversized space makes it easy to curl up with a good book or take a nap in the peace of nature. It can also hold up to 550 pounds, which makes it ideal to share with the grandkids sitting on your lap.

Reclining (Large)

All of the roominess of our largest chair with the added benefit of reclining! Our recliners have four available positions and share the same specs as our best-selling Royal chair, which also means that the seat angle makes it convenient to sit down or get up. A luxury when it comes to outdoor furniture, this option is great for watching sunrises and sunsets on the dock.

Rocking (Large)

A piece of furniture that instantly creates a calm, soothing environment has to be a rocking chair. With all the same measurements as our larger chairs, it also includes the addition of two exceptionally made rockers. Imagine drinking a warm cup of tea on your back porch while you watch the bees bumble about in your gardens.

Double (Large)

We know how well-loved our Royal chairs are, and since they are our most popular design, we have combined them for an upgrade! Our unique Double option features a sturdy, beautifully made table nestled between two of our Large chairs. Meant for quiet dinner dates or providing a comfortable space to chat with someone close to you, it’s also equipped with an umbrella stand built into the table for those extra sunny days when you need some shade.

Choosing Your Material

In addition to choosing the right chair, you’re also going to have to pick the right material. Consider how much maintenance you are willing to put in and the style or overall finish you like. We have curated the following wood and plastic options for their durability and quality, and you’ll be thrilled to learn they can be used for any type of chair you like!


A natural material, cedar is a big draw for those looking for a more minimalist look when it comes to their outdoor furniture. This wood is highly resistant to insects, rot, and decay. We choose the more durable and long-lived western red cedar species available for our product, which makes it ideal for areas with the harshest weather conditions. We follow a rigorous four-step staining process or you can choose an unfinished look that will age to a beautiful silver-grey colour.

IPE Brazilian Walnut

This exotic, South American hardwood is known for its beauty and strength. It comes mostly free of knots and is incredibly dense, protecting it from insects, mildew, and rot. No need to worry about scratches or dents as this wood is destined to withstand everyday wear and tear. We can leave it unoiled to age to a beautiful silver-grey patina, or follow a two-step oiling process to stabilize and nourish the wood. We even offer a lifetime guarantee on these chairs because we know they are built to last!


A well-loved material, pine is a common wood used for outdoor furniture. It has a sophisticated look and is a more economical option as it is readily available. However, it is less weather resistant than our other products, so we recommend it for people who are content to give it a bit more upkeep. It should be properly sealed and washed on a regular basis. We sell this material untreated so you can paint or stain it to the colour you prefer.

Poly Luxe

This material is made from 100% recycled plastic and comes in a rainbow of colours including black and white. It is superior to the typical polywood used to make other outdoor furniture because it is fully weather-resistant and requires next to no maintenance. This option is eco-conscious and a great choice for those who want to avoid the possibilities of splintering or warped wood.

At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, we aim to provide solutions for your outdoor furniture needs. We believe our handmade and expert craftsmanship delivers an unmatched product that is as unique as it is functional. We recommend asking yourself questions about how you will use this chair before committing to a purchase. If you need help deciding, please reach out and contact us! We would love to help.