Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)

  • $365.00
  • $430.00

The Royal is our mid-sized chair and best-selling model. It is wider and roomier than our Classic chair. The seat angle is not as steep as others making it easier to get in and out of. It is comfortable for people of all sizes. Our Royal chairs has a curved back and a roomy 22 inch wide curved seat and supports up to 400lbs.

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Ergonomic Design

Rounded back to cradle your spine and curved seat to avoid pressure points.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Handcrafted using over 100 stainless steel screws and bolts in every chair. We never use nails, staples, or plugs. Only oversized stainless steel hardware used.

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Assembly Options

Most of our products come 90% pre-assembled with easy-to-follow photo/online video instructions for final assembly.

*Unstained Knotted Pine/unstained Knotted Cedar and unstained Clear Cedar are available in kit form or partially assembled.

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Responsibly Sourced

We use only uniformed color, hand-selected, FSC certified wood or Green Circle certified 100% recycled plastic lumber.


Adirondack chair dimensionsAdirondack chair dimensions






20”W  x 18”D

22”W x 18”D


26”W x 20”D

SEAT HEIGHT (highest/lowest)

























SPACE REQUIREMENT 32"W x 29"D 32"W x 32"D 32"Wx39"D 36”W x 36”D

STORAGE (folded)

11” x 32” x 43”

12” x 32” x 46”


12”x 36” x 48”

WEIGHT Pine/Cedar: 30lbs Poly-Luxe: Woodgrain Poly-Luxe: 75lbs 45lbs IPE: 75lbs Pine/Cedar: 33lbs Poly-Luxe: 55lbs Woodgrain Poly-Luxe: 80lbs IPE: 85lbs

Pine/Cedar: 33lbs Poly-Luxe: 55lbs Woodgrain Poly-Luxe: 80lbs IPE: 85lbs

Pine/Cedar: 37lbs Poly-Luxe: 65lbs Woodgrain Poly-Luxe: 95lbs IPE: 95lbs






SUPPORTS UP TO 300lbs 400lbs 400lbs 550lbs
Shipping & Delivery
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All products are handcrafted to our highest standards.

Unstained products usually ship in 4-6 weeks;
Stained and poly products usually ship in 4-8 weeks.

All products shipped by FEDEX Ground and tracking emails are sent to each customer once the boxes leave our warehouse.

Assembly Instructions

Our assembly process is easy and time-efficient thanks in part to its industry-leading design! In fact, all the instructions are visual-based, allowing you to follow each step along the journey towards a finished chair. The assembly starts with the creation of the seatback using individual slats and a series of bracers to keep them together. Afterwards, the chair base itself is put together, involving the attachment of slats to three pieces that form the edges and maintain the chair’s shape. Next comes the chair legs, affixed to the base, followed by the installation of the armrests. The last step involves adding the assembled seatback to the base, completing the build of your beautiful new foldable Adirondack chair. Need more information? Go to our Industry Leading Design page to learn more!


Our Royal Adirondack Chair is unlike other Adirondack Chairs, as it is ergonomically designed with many enhanced features while still maintaining the beauty of the traditional look. Here are just a few of the reasons why our Royal Adirondack Chair is better than the rest:


  • Curved backs – too gently cradle your spine
  • Curved seat – to fit your body without hard edges
  • Level armrests – so beverages don’t tip over
  • Front of seat curved down – so feet don’t fall asleep from pressure points behind the knees
  • Seats sit a bit more upright  so you can actually get out of them with ease yet leans back just enough for relaxing comfort
  • FOLDS – for easier storage & transporting – you can take it anywhere
  • Responsibly sourced. We use only uniformed color, hand-selected, FSC certified wood
  • 10-Day Full Refund Policy
  • Lifetime Written Guarantee on all products on workmanship

Adirondack Chair Company Logo vs Competitors

Feature The Best Adirondack
Chair Company
Big Box Stores Poly & Composite
Wood Competitors
Material Used blue checkmark Full 1" thick solid wood or 100% reclycled plastic full 1" thick 3/4" or thinner Wood & Plastic 3/4" recycled plastic or plastic filled wood sawdust 3/4" or thinner Pine or Cedar Wood
Hardware blue checkmark Oversized(never rust) Stainless Steel Zinc Plated Stainless Steel (some) Most Zinc Plated Stainless Steel (some) Most Zinc Plated
Guarantee blue checkmark Lifetime Warranty no with a cancle sign Limited 20-Year Warranty no with a cancle sign
Comfort blue checkmark Curved seat & curved back supports lumbar for exeptional comfort Curved back (some) Most models with flat back & seat Curved back (some) Most models with flat back & seat Curved back (some) Most models with flat back & seat
Ease To Get In & Out blue checkmark Seat not as steep as others no with a cancle sign
Steep Seat
no with a cancle sign
Steep Seat
no with a cancle sign
Steep Seat
Customizable blue checkmark Yes no with a cancle sign no with a cancle sign no with a cancle sign
Manufacturing blue checkmark Handcrafted in Canada Mass Production Mass Production Mass Production
Sanding & Routering blue checkmark Fine hand sanding & routering
(no square or rough edges)
Mostly square edges with some routering Mostly square edges with some routering Mostly square edges with some routering
Finishing Available blue checkmark Yes no with a cancle sign no with a cancle sign no with a cancle sign
Assembly blue checkmark Kit or Partial
Also full assembly available upon request
Kit Assembly Only Kit Assembly Only Kit Assembly Only

Frequently Asked Questions

The Royal size is slightly larger. This is the mid-sized model between Classic (standard) and Grand (the largest). This makes the Royal even broader and roomier than the Classic size, complete with an additional back slat, and the supported weight is increased from 300 to 400 pounds.

The Royal Adirondack Chair model takes up an area of 32 inches wide and 32 inches deep when unfolded. When folded up, this decreases to 12 by 32 by 46 inches.

The Royal Adirondack Chair is one of our most popular models, offering an ideal seating depth and angle for everything, from reading to lounging and having conversations over drinks. Combined with wide and spacious armrests as well as a high back, it’s one of the most comfortable outdoor seating options available today.

Absolutely! The Royal and many other versions of our Adirondack chairs can easily be folded up for stress-free relocation or storage.