Compare our Light, Caramel and Dark Stain 

Adirondack chair stain


The superior quality stain that we have been utilizing for the past 39 years surpasses all others in longevity, beauty, quality and craftmanship.  As seen in the above photo, water just beads on the finish. Our industry-leading four-step staining process begins with a full immersion technique where each piece of wood is dipped in an 80-gallon vat of SICO ProLuxe, which is equivalent to three coats of stain. Once dry, we hand-spray three additional coats of stain with fine hand sanding between each coat, achieving a beautiful long-lasting finish.


If you chose our solid wood cedar or pine materials, you can choose to include staining as part of your purchase.

SICO ProLuxe is internationally recognized as one of the best stains on the market. This stain creates a durable flexible film coating that penetrates the wood surface yet lets the wood "breathe" to accommodate constantly changing climatic conditions. It will not crack, blister or peel and is an excellent water repellent (water will bead on it).

Caramel Stain (Clear Cedar Only)

This beautiful look can only be achieved by using clear cedar dark wood, which features a darker colored wood in the center of the tree. Our artisans hand-pick this darker wood, separating light and dark cedar, and then apply our industry-leading four-step staining process to create the most stunning caramel hue available. We are the only company in the industry which separates the natural wood colours to make sure the colours are consistent. This is what we call "Our Secret Sauce".

Learn how to care for your stained pine and cedar Adirondack furnishings.


You can purchase your luxury Brazilian Walnut Adirondack chairs and furniture with an oil finish. Prior to assembly, our oiling process includes the application of an oil-based natural wood finish to each individual piece of wood. Once dried, we reapply a second coat which will help seal the wood and protect your Brazilian Walnut furniture from exposure to the elements by stabilizing and nourishing the wood from within.

We only use IPE Oil Hardwood Deck Finish when treating our Brazilian Walnut. For at-home maintenance, simply wipe this or a paraffin-based oil such as Penofin Verte over your IPE chairs once a year.