The Adirondack Chair Gets a Much-Needed Upgrade

For decades, the Adirondack chair has reigned supreme as the finest and most stylish type of outdoor, summer seating. Taking its name from the Adirondacks area of New York State, where it first emerged as a durable, comfortable and attractive way to sit outside and savor the scenery, it has spread to almost all corners of the continent (and many other parts of the world).
Lots of DIY enthusiasts share plans for making their own chairs along with the side tables and footstools that can allow them to create truly irresistible outdoor living spaces, and it is astonishing to see how many different profiles, designs and looks can be achieved. While this makes it possible for almost anyone to have an Adirondack chair or entire suite of them, almost all (homemade or professionally built) cannot last forever. In fact, many Adirondacks need seasonal or periodic maintenance to continue offering their good looks and good service.

Basic Maintenance

If you were to look at the different websites offering tips for extending the life of outdoor furniture, and particularly Adirondack furniture, you would discover a few simple truths:
  • Even when built from rot and insect-resistant woods, Adirondack chairs require some help combatting their natural enemies
  • When an Adirondack chair is purchased “unfinished” it will definitely not last as long as one that is stained, painted or sealed (high gloss, two coat finishes are the best), though it will look beautiful when it starts to naturally age
  • Finished Adirondack chairs (no matter what type of wood) are going to need to be re-painted, re-stained and/or re-sealed every five years or so. Though weather and exposure in your area cause this figure to vary, most benefit from at least one update or touchup every five years
  • Adirondacks in a damper climate also need some sort of mold inhibitor, and those that are left in full sun in hot climates may need a finish that includes a UV protectant
  • All chairs require a seasonal cleaning. This is best done with a pressure washer and a soft brush. Using a wood cleaner is helpful and is beneficial every few weeks.
  • No matter what sort of wood any Adirondack is made from, it is going to benefit from winter storage in a dry spot where mold will not be an issue That is a great deal more work than many initially realize, though it is far less than any other type of outdoor furniture. However, for those who want an almost care-free experience, the all-new line of Lifetime Poly-luxe chairs and tables from The Best Adirondack Chair is a fantastic solution.

    The Lifetime Poly-luxe Solution

    Whether you want the Classic, Royal, Reclining or Oversized Adirondack styles, you can now find them (along with the 24” Round Side Table) made from the 100% recycled Poly-luxe plastic. The chairs have the same look and identical designs as wooden furniture, but offer a lifetime guarantee and zero maintenance. They are foldable for easy storage, come almost entirely assembled, are fade proof, feature stainless hardware that never rusts, and will allow you the most carefree experience of any Adirondack chair on the market!