Bring Spring to Your Outdoor Backyard with Colourful Chairs

Beautiful weather invites us to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Outdoor furniture is a staple during the warmer months, extending the idea of living space outside. An emerging trend is vibrant pops of colour that tint many people’s backyards and transport them to an oasis all their own. While wood is still an incredibly popular choice, coloured pieces provide a sense of “wow” that takes outdoor style to a whole new level. A combination of cushions, textures, and colours can make backyards feel like a fun tropical getaway without having to leave the comfort of home.

At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, we love giving our customers options when it comes to their patio pieces. Our wood products are classics that bring timeless beauty to any space, but our poly-luxe material adds choices some may have never thought of when it comes to their favourite chair. A pop of colour on your patio, deck, or poolside can go a long way! This spring, think outside the box with your outdoor furniture and bring the fun with coloured Adirondack chairs.

Multicoloured Options

Everyone has a favourite colour! You might compromise in your home so the hue is not too in-your-face and blends with your decor, but outdoors, the sky's the limit. Practical and of exceptional quality, our coloured Adirondack chairs are meant to bring a sense of whimsy and interest to your backyard. We leveraged our years of expert craftsmanship with wooden pieces to ensure we could bring our customers additional options that could suit more spaces. 

We know that colour can enhance your greenery and create a whole new theme for your backyard. Each of our poly-luxe pieces is individually treated with UV and chemical-resistant qualities to ensure your chair has a beautiful look. We also offer woodgrain options and colours for those who love the look but not the composition. Match your beautiful red roses or go for a subtle but sophisticated look with our navy blue. Love the idea of a vibrant look but are not sure it’s for you? Our monochromatic options can still add uniqueness without over-the-top colours. 

Durable and Sustainable Materials 

Often, colourful plastic furniture just doesn’t last as long as we want it to. It’s made from cheap products that warp or fade when subjected to the sun or rain. This can be frustrating, especially when you believe you have found the perfect piece. The constant turnover of these products is also harmful to the environment, piling up year after year in landfills. 

Our chairs dare to do things differently. They are made from a non-porous plastic, using a combination of poly lumber pieces and a durable plastic mix to ensure longevity and durability. Our coloured Adirondack chairs are made to last, surviving season after season while continuing to look great at the same time. Our chemical and UV resistant treatment allows for maximum colour insurance, meaning you can have peace of mind your chair won’t fade. 

To make it even better, every one of our poly-luxe chairs comes with a GreenCircle Certified guarantee. Each year, The Best Adirondack Chair Company works with a recycled plastics supplier to divert thousands of tons of recycled milk bottles from landfills. To be a bit more specific, that’s approximately 210 million plastic milk bottles recovered annually. In complying with green guidelines, we are a company that cares about your comfort and the environment.

Available in All Shapes and Sizes

Many customers come to us because they love the Adirondack chair design and craftsmanship we incorporate into our products. These ergonomically designed chairs provide the ultimate level of comfort and relaxation, complete with wide armrests that are perfect for setting down your drink. 

We also push the envelope when it comes to our designs. Do you love the tone of our lemon yellow classic chair but wish it was available in a rocker? Or maybe you’ve got a bigger family, always coming over for Sunday dinners on the patio, and happen to love the colour blue. We offer our colourful poly-luxe pieces as an option for every product we make, meaning you can match your side table and ottoman to your chair. You can also mix different colours with a loveseat and bench. We’re all about catering to our customers’ needs and giving them options to make it easier to find their favourite pieces.

A Low-Maintenance Choice

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, our poly-luxe pieces also require minimal maintenance. Unlike the fibrous texture of wood that can require sanding touch-ups and/or stain reapplications to maintain the sleek finish, these coloured Adirondack Chairs are not a natural material and take far less time when it comes to upkeep. An afternoon washdown every season with mild soap and water will keep them grime and dirt-free. Each of our specially designed Adirondack furniture pieces is made without tricky edges or pieces that are difficult to clean, preventing mold growth. Even when you are doing the dirty work to keep your chair pristine, you’ll love how simple and easy they are to clean.

Buying colourful outdoor furniture in the spring sets the tone for how the rest of your patio season is going to look. You can complete a vision you have likely been dreaming of since the cold winds of winter. At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, we make it easy to fill your backyard with fun and colour via our poly-luxe pieces. 

Need help deciding on the right shade for your coloured Adirondack chair? Contact us today. We’re more than happy to help!