Classic Garden Swing

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You're never too old to enjoy swinging on this traditional Classic Swing and this one is the best! Handcrafted by Our expert skilled carpenters. This swing comes with a trademark scrolled back design for superior comfort and relaxation.

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Ergonomic Design

Rounded back to cradle your spine and curved seat to avoid pressure points.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Handcrafted using over 100 stainless steel screws and bolts in every chair. We never use nails, staples, or plugs. Only oversized stainless steel hardware used.

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Assembly Options

Most of our products come 90% pre-assembled with easy-to-follow photo/online video instructions for final assembly.

*Unstained Knotted Pine/unstained Knotted Cedar and unstained Clear Cedar are available in kit form or partially assembled.

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Responsibly Sourced

We use only uniformed color, hand-selected, FSC certified wood or recycled plastic lumber manufactured by Tangent which has achieved GreenCircle Certified Recycled Content certification.

More Information

Our Traditional Garden Classic Swing

You're never too old to enjoy swinging on this traditional Classic Swing and this one is the best! Handcrafted by Our expert skilled carpenters.  This swing comes with a trademark scrolled back design for superior comfort and relaxation.

This beautiful traditional swing can fit 4 adults comfortably. Mind you kids love it too!

Space requirement is: base is 78" x 8' (does not include movement space - add 24" at mid height). Height is 8'. Seats are 40" wide.

Entire unit swings on a smooth moving pendulum. Treated is available in 3 colors: a light/golden, dark/mahogany or our unique Caramel color (available with clear cedar only).

The seats are ergonomically designed for hours of comfort with a gentle curved seat and lower back support finished off with our signature rolled top.

We have made minor adjustments to our seats over the last 60 years, tweaking them to perfection until we found just the right shapes for esthetic beauty and ultimate comfort.

You don't have to move the Classic Swing to mow the grass under it. Simply tip the whole unit up on one end. It will support itself for as long as you need.

Please note: If you order in 100% recycled plastic or Solid Ipe(Brazilian Walnut) wood, then extended wait times  up to 6 months or more may occur due to supply limitations.

Delivery & Shipping
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All products are handcrafted to our highest standards.

Unstained products usually ship in 4-6 weeks;
Stained and poly products usually ship in 4-8 weeks.

All large products shipped by LTL and tracking information is provided via email as soon as it is received.

Assembly Instructions

Our assembly process is easy and time-efficient thanks in part to its industry-leading design! In fact, all the instructions are visual-based, allowing you to follow each step along the journey towards a finished chair. The assembly starts with the creation of the seatback using individual slats and a series of bracers to keep them together. Afterwards, the chair base itself is put together, involving the attachment of slats to three pieces that form the edges and maintain the chair’s shape. Next comes the chair legs, affixed to the base, followed by the installation of the armrests. The last step involves adding the assembled seatback to the base, completing the build of your beautiful new foldable Adirondack chair. Need more information? Go to our Industry Leading Design page to learn more!