Why Handcrafted Adirondack Chairs Are Back

Adirondack chairs are back and for a good reason. These chairs are not only handcrafted out of 100% real wood, but they are durable, and look smart on your patio or deck. The Adirondack chair has its roots dating back to 1903, when Thomas Lee was vacationing in the Adirondack Mountains. He was plotting to make the best chairs for his family. It was his carpenter who ran with the patent and soon Adirondack chairs were being found on many family’s lawns. The chairs grew in popularity through the 60s and 70s. Today, many people who appreciate natural over plastic are taking a second look at these classic chairs. Today’s modern styling has a rounded back and a contoured seat.

Why Choose Handcrafted Not Plastic?

You can buy plastic imitation furniture, even in Adirondack style. But the great thing about purchasing real wood furniture is that it has a certain timeless elegance that can’t be matched by artificial materials. Our chairs are handcrafted from real wood. They’re made to fold easily for storage so they take up little room. Our chairs made from western red cedar and IPE are also rot and insect resistant, and can be used in all climates. You don’t have to put them away during the rainy or snowy seasons if you don’t wish.

Best Guarantee on Adirondack Chairs

Each of the products we sell online comes with a ten-year written guarantee on workmanship. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on all our IPE furniture. This is epay or Brazilian walnut, and is nicknamed “forever furniture”.

How Does IPE differ from Western Red Cedar?

Our furniture is made from many different but durable types of products. IPE is a wood that is extremely dense. This makes it incredibly weather- resistant. It’s also called Brazilian walnut. This wood is impervious to termites and it’s also rot proof, so you can leave it outside in the elements, without worries of moving it under cover during bad weather. The wood is also scratch-resistant, so it’s going to look new for many years ahead. Over time, the wood will naturally turn a nice shade of greyish silver. This type of wood has a low fire rating, in the same class as steel or concrete, making it safe to keep near fire pits or barbecues. To protect your investment, we recommend that you use an IPE oil at least twice a year to help seal the wood. You can simply power wash it before summer arrives, without worrying about damage.


Purchasing natural wood furniture is a sustainable industry, as trees are replanted, and few chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, unlike plastics. We purchase the wood from FSC Certified mills that use sustainable forest harvesting techniques. These are done to protect the environment, and the animals who live in it. You will love our Adirondack chairs and tables!

Please place your order today, and we’ll get it delivered to you quickly. You’ll have outdoor furniture for life!