Which Adirondack Chair Accessories Are Essential?

Quite a number of years ago, we looked at ways you can enhance and maximize your lounging experience by pairing up your seat with some of the best Adirondack chair accessories. We decided to revisit the idea of accessories for Adirondacks, and look at which of them should be seen as “essential”. After all, you can enjoy a long and relaxing time in an Adirondack chair, but pair it with a matching ottoman and you have the ultimate recipe for lounging bliss!

The Basics

So, when you think of the accessories for these classic chairs, what is it you envision? We just mentioned the footrest or ottoman, but what other accessories seem essential? We suggest:

Side tables

If you take a look at any patio sets that feature Adirondack chairs as their key elements, they always feature some sort of side table. Whether circular or oval, they are an essential accessory when you are going to use more than a single chair. Even if you are setting out a solo chair n the lawn, the porch, or indoors, it is great to have a side table available, and why not choose one that matches the esthetic of the chair? Yes, most Adirondack chairs have those gorgeous, wide armrests and you can (feasibly) use them to hold a cup or glass among other things, but why? Those armrests are just that – rests for the arms! Invest inside tables and get the most out of the chairs.

Cup and glass holders

If you are uninterested inside tables (and lots of people do not want to set tables outdoors), you can upgrade your Adirondack chairs with wine glass holders or more traditional cup holders. These are attached to the far end and undersides of the armrests and then they swing out for use. They give you a place to keep your beverage within easy reach, and all without interfering with the comfort of those roomy armrests. Made in the same wood as the chair, they are hardly noticeable when tucked out of sight.


While we don’t advise you to use cushions on the chairs themselves since they are designed for optimal comfort “as is”, a lot of people like a bit of support at the head and neck. The relaxing angle of an Adirondack is meant to ensure you take a rather reclined pose. Yet, if you are having a conversation or gazing around at the scenery, you may find that a cozy cushion just behind the head is the ideal and essential accessory.

If you are eager to perfectly accessorize your Adirondack Chairs or patio set, The Best Adirondack Chair has a wide array of options. Available in a number of woods, the ottomans, footrests, tables and drink holders are the perfect way to upgrade your seating. And whether you are putting your chairs to use indoors or out, adding coordinating pieces or accents and accessories helps to create a more cohesive look that highlights without over accentuating the beauty of the Adirondack style.