4 Thing You Can Do To Refresh Your Patio This Spring

While it may still be early in the winter season, it never hurts to start thinking ahead to when the warmer weather starts creeping in. Once the sunshine hits and your yard starts to thaw, you will want to be able to enjoy the milder days by relaxing on your patio. That is why you don’t want to wait until the weather breaks to make your patio plans!

Here are four things that you can do to refresh your patio this year:

1. Find a Nice Rug

Area rugs aren’t limited to your indoor spaces. It is a very cost-effective way to spruce up your cement or tile patio. Plus, it adds a little softness and comfort which makes your patio feel more like extended living space. Your outdoor rug can be made of many different materials like sisal, hemp, jute, seagrass, and plastic. Many of them can be washed off with a water hose which makes them especially easy to care for.

2. Add Some Green

Your patio is already an outdoor space, but it can always use a little extra greenery. Adding low-maintenance plants is a great way to give it a polished look without too much effort on your part. Plants can be added on your side tables or you can hang them. If you really want to make your greenery work for you, you can try installing a small herb garden. Then your plants can double as part of your meal-planning too!

3. Upgrade Your Seating

While there are plenty of seating options that suit a patio, one option is both super stylish and great for relaxing: the Adirondack Chair! There are plenty of different styles and models which means you can create a look that perfectly suits you and your furniture patio set. Whether you go with the Classic or the Settee Loveseat, you will find that you are spending every balmy day relaxing in your handcrafted heirloom quality chairs!

4. Throw in Some Accents

There are so many little accent pieces that you can add to your patio to flesh out the design. Just like you do inside your house, you will want to strategically place a few accessories and pops of color to give your patio a bit of personality. Candles, quirky planters, and outdoor throw pillows can give your patio a punch of character.

When you are ready to start your patio refresh, don’t forget to head to our site to purchase your Adirondack chairs! All of our cedar products come with a 10-year guarantee! This pride in our craftsmanship is why we have been in business since 1955, and are still going strong today. Our chairs are hand-crafted and made with the finest woods that the US and Canada have to offer. The Western Red Cedar that we use is naturally insect resistant and doesn’t rot even in wet weather.

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