How to Make Adirondack Chair Cushions

Unless you moved your Adirondack chairs into an enclosed porch or sun room, they might not get much usage in the winter. But don’t let that deter you from spicing up your chair – make an Adirondack Chair Cushion. This will be a two-cushion system – one for the bottom and one for the back. These are great as they are a little simpler to make for you novice sewers.

What You'll Need

  • Fabric (enough to cut four pieces of large rectangles and four straps)
  • Foam cushion or pillows
  • A thread and needle
  • A little bit of creativity during the gloomy winter months.

Your Guide To Adirondack Chair Cushions

1. Cut the foam to the desired length and width for the bottom and one piece for the back piece. Then cut your fabric into four large rectangles – you’ll essentially be making a pillow case, so large enough to fit the foam into case. Typically a 25-by-40-inch piece of fabric will be fine. For more accurate measurements, you may want to use a tape measure to get accurate dimensions for your chair.

2. When you get done cutting your four pieces of fabric, sew three of the sides together, leaving an opening for a pillow case. You can use typical thread and needle or a sewing machine. Insert the pillow or foam and close your fabric up. Do the same for your other two pieces of fabric, insert the foam or pillow and closer her up. You should have a little wiggle room with the fabric and foam, which is fine because you will need to make tie straps to hold the cushion in place.

3. Cut four straps, at least 1-by-12-inches, so they can tie around the back of the chair. Sew one of the pieces on one corner and another piece on the same-side, but opposite corner.

4. Insert the straps between the wooden slats and tie around the back. Voilà! You've just made Adirondack Chair cushions for The Best Adirondack Chair!

No matter the season, though, nothing creates a comfortable and sophisticated outdoor feeling to your décor like an Adirondack Chair. Dress it up and bring it indoors or keep it outside near a crackling fire pit. These chairs are year-long favorites by all users. Contact us for more advice!