Can an Adirondack Chair Be Elegant?

In an article in the Savannah Morning News, a design expert described as a "garden guru" said that "Outdoor furniture should entice a person to sit and relax for an extended period of time" and noted that "one style that is as prominent today as it ever was is the Adirondack chair…

There is not a more comfortable place to sit in the morning with a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper." With a history dating to the early 20th century, it does not rank as an antiquated style, but the Adirondack chair (originally called the Westport chair) can have a reputation as being less than elegant.

This is unfortunate because the style of the Adirondack chair is not at all static. While there are certainly many rustic silhouettes to be found, modern designers have been able to give the Adirondack chair an incredibly elegant look and feel. Not only can they be comprised of more than the original, standard 11 pieces, but they can also be made of superior materials such as Western Red Cedar, Knotted Cedar and lovely pine. They can be stained to a rich and appealing hue or even left unstained to weather into a silken silver as the summers pass.

Handcrafted Adirondacks

Naturally, the overall design of the Adirondack chair is quite fluid, too. For example, those who wish to find a truly elegant style can turn to handcrafted adirondack designs, such as the unusual "Happy Buddha" which turns things on their side; using horizontal back slats and a rounded silhouette to create a remarkably comfortable and aesthetically appealing seat. Another example of an elegant Adirondack is the style known as the "Royal Rideau Adirondack" that relies on wider 1" Western Red Cedar slats to create one of the most accommodating seats. Yet its decorative crown and beautiful hand-crafted scrolled edges make it a rich and regal chair that lives up to its name.

Elegant As A Group

Arranging Adirondack Chairs of course, the Adirondack chair is not meant to always be on its own or paired with a single partner. The use of single styles or mixed designs can create a rather elegant "outdoor" space. As one designer explained a client's use of these pieces, "She uses an Adirondack-style love seat with a matching coffee table, end table and set of chairs… Trees and shrubs surround the area, and containers growing the succulent paddle plant, the fine-leafed asparagus fern and pink begonias provided additional texture." If that is not a portrait of outdoor elegance, it may be difficult to find a better one!

Use Your Environment

Naturally, a solo chair can also make for a very elegant portrait. For example, the Royal Rideau poised at the end of a summery dock is the picture of relaxation and even a bit of luxury. Whether your tastes lean towards the shaded garden, the expansive terrace, the sunny waterside or just about anywhere else, you can rely on the Adirondack chair for an elegant touch.

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