The Adirondack Chair Ultimate Buying Guide

Adirondack chairs, also called "Westport" and "Muskoka" chairs, have their origin in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York in the early 1900s. However, you don’t have to live in New York to appreciate its absolute tranquility. This chair offers tremendous support because of its backward slanted seat and the back that sits on the ground. There are a variety of Adirondack Chairs that feature contoured seats and backs for extra support. If you have decided to buy an Adirondack chair, consider the following factors to choose one that suits your needs:


The first Adirondack chairs were made from hemlock wood; however, you can enjoy the classic form of the chair in numerous other materials. Remember that the stability of the chair is not subjected to the material you choose. It just offers you the chance to show your style and stay relaxed. Also, when selecting the right material, it is advisable to consider the following factors;

  • Appearance
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Maintenance
  • Design aesthetics

Adirondack chairs are available in various materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, and resin.

Height and Size

Once you have picked the right material, you will want to consider the height, size, and layout of your Adirondack chair. Most of these chairs stand amid 36 to 42 inches tall, 30 to 34 inches wide and 35 to 38 inches deep. The weight of the chair will significantly depend on the material you select. When choosing the right chair for your kids or yourself, check the height to get one that will give you the chance to be comfortable.


The traditional Adirondack chairs are easy to recognize. However, these days, many stylists are rifting on the classic shape of the chair to create a different style selection. You can go for the traditional Adirondack chair if you love classic features, but you can choose a modern take on the chair. You can select any style depending on your needs and preferences.


Aluminum and wooden Adirondack chairs have limited color selections; however, the plastic chairs have plenty of choices. Adirondack chairs are available in an array of colors and tones. From beautiful grays, greens, browns, to lively shades of yellow, red, blue, which add some actual visual differences.


Consider adding several accessories to add some extra comfort. For example, you can choose an ottoman or a footstool to enable you to lean back and relax without worrying. Additionally, a cushion or a pillow will add some comfort and allow you to sit on the Adirondack chair for an extended time. For protection against the sun, consider adding a sun umbrella. Other accessories are available for you, for instance, you can include

  • Glass and cup frames that are made to fit most cups, bottles, and glasses
  • Wine glass holders which can be attached to the side of your Adirondack chair

Adirondack chairs are presented in numerous features, including the folding chairs that are portable and lightweight.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the perfect and the most comfortable Adirondack chairs. There is always a chair for everyone, whether you love a modern feel or a traditional rusticity. Pick the best Adirondack chair and add it to your landscape and transform its looks. The above guide will simplify your buying process. Visit The Best Adirondack Chair page today and get a high-quality Adirondack chair that is worth your venture.