7 Tips for Selecting the Best Adirondack Chair Cushions

When it comes to outdoor furniture, Adirondack chairs provide superior comfort. Specifically designed to take the pressure off your joints, this icon has become a favourite seat for countless relaxation-seekers in North America. If there’s any way to make an Adirondack chair more inviting, it’s with a comfortable cushion. It’s not only the best way to get cozy and unwind, but also a great way to add a touch of your unique personality to your outdoor living environment! Here are six different ways you can ensure the cushion you choose takes your lounging experience even further.

Type and Use Case

Think about where you plan to be using your cushion most often, and how much you’ll be moving it around. If your Adirondack chair travels with you, made super convenient since all of ours are foldable, it may be more appropriate to get a smaller cushion such as one consisting of an integrated headrest rather than a full-chair cushion. The reason for this is that the latter will undoubtedly take up more space in the back of your car, so it’s a good idea to travel as lightly as possible! If you want to be propped up more on your Adirondack chair or want full-body padding, however, then a bigger cushion is more suitable to your needs.

Colours and Patterns

Find a cushion that compliments your chair’s beautiful finish, especially if yours is specially treated with a stain that brings out its natural beauty. Adirondack chairs are made out of different materials which give them a variety of textures and finishes, and you can choose from a wide range of colours. Look for a cushion that has charming patterns or classy designs, which then acts as an accent piece for these unique chairs. It will pull all your patio furniture together in a stylish, cohesive colour palette. 

Materials and Maintenance

Adirondack chairs are meant for the great outdoors, and if you’re afraid you’re going to forget your cushions outside, then make sure you buy cushions capable of standing up to the elements! If you’re looking for headrests in particular, purchase cushions with strong ties so that they won’t get blown around by the wind. You can also purchase waterproof and/or rust-proof cushions, making maintenance even easier. The only thing that has to be cared for with these cushions is the cover itself, which can be zipped off and washed, then dried by hand with soap and water. Waterproof cushions are also mildew and mold resistant, which means they typically last longer. 


The point of any cushion is to add comfort. With a chair as comfortable as the Adirondack though, you don’t want to overdo it with an overly padded cushion. A neck rest with a quick dry foam insert is often more than enough, all while giving your outdoor furniture that extra splash of colour. Neck support cushions hang off the back of your chair, making them easy to adjust to your height. 

Know the Size of Your Chair

If you’re opting for a larger cushion, make sure you know the dimensions of your chair, not to mention those of your cushion before you make a purchase. Adirondack chairs come in different sizes, some being rather wider than others to accommodate folks of different sizes. Make sure you find a cushion that isn’t too big or small for the chair, so then it won’t shift around or not fit the seat pan properly. 

Additional Features

Some cushions come with additional features to make them long-lasting which are definitely worth looking into. You can buy reversible cushion covers, for instance, which give you more options in terms of appearance and maintenance. You can also purchase cushions with covers that come with a UV-resistant finish, which means that the colours of the material will fade less with time. 

Headrest Cushions

A good Adirondack chair shouldn’t need a full chair cushion, since they’re designed for ultimate comfort. Instead of purchasing a cushion that will hide the beauty of your chair, opt for a headrest cushion instead. A headrest cushion will provide you with neck support, prop up your head, and add another layer of comfort and luxury. These cushions make wonderful accent pieces for your chairs, rather than covering them up. They’re also easy to care for, since all they need is an occasional spot clean. 

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