Winter Storage Solutions for Adirondack Chairs

For anyone who loves to kick back and relax during the warmer months, preserving patio furniture is a must. After all, no one wants to have to purchase new items each year due to improper storage and damage. So to help yours last, we’ve gathered some of the best winter storage solutions for Adirondack chairs to keep them in tip-top shape each and every year.

Remove Any Cushions

Any cushions or covers on the chairs should be removed. If possible, give them a wipe or even place them into the washing machine if they’re suitable to minimize mould or mildew growth on the materials.

Clean the Chairs

Once the chairs are bare, give them a cleaning. This doesn’t have to be too thorough. A quick wipe or rinse with a damp cloth will work just fine to remove superficial dirt and grime. If the chairs have any stubborn grime, focus on removing those bits to avoid having stains next year. 

Store in a Sheltered Spot

If your Adirondack chairs are designed to fold up, and you have a shed with enough room to house them, store them in there or in the garage throughout the winter. This is the most ideal scenario for keeping them well protected during the frosty weather. Alternatively, if you have a covered porch, deck or even a gazebo, these can provide additional shelter that will help to buffer the snow and wind.

Cover Them Up

For many homeowners, the only option is to leave the chairs outside, along with the rest of the patio furniture. But rather than leaving them bare to the elements, we recommend using a designated outdoor cover to place over the top of the chairs. Fold them up if possible and carefully stack them before applying the cover. This will protect the wood from sub-zero temperatures which can lead to cracks. It will also prevent fading during those winter days when the sun is glaring.

What to Do When Taking Chairs Out of Storage

We’ve covered what to do when putting your chairs away, but what about when it’s time to take them out for the warm weather ahead? While it might be enticing to simply plunk them down onto the patio and soak up the sun, there are a few preventative measures you can take that will prolong the longevity and condition of your favourite outdoor seats. These include the following:

Clean and Dry the Chairs

It doesn’t matter if you have plastic or wooden chairs, both should be cleaned to remove dirt and dust after the winter months. Use mild dish soap and water to wash the chairs, followed by a gentle rinse with the hose. Then use a microfiber cloth or towel to dry them off.

Treat and Reseal the Wood

Most outdoor wooden furniture is pre-treated. However, to make them last as long as possible, it’s a good idea to apply an additional coat of sealant at least once per year. For those who live in harsher climates, bi-annual treatments might be necessary. Whether it’s a fresh coat of varnish, paint, or wood preserver, your Adirondack chairs will benefit from it and be less vulnerable to damage. Apply this once the chairs are cleaned and dry.

Position them Strategically

To minimize the dust and cleaning required, be cautious about where you place the chairs, as this can make a big difference for maintenance. If you can keep the chairs on a deck or patio where they’re partially covered from the sun and rain, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of wear and tear. But even with that, they will still need to be cleaned every so often to keep them in good condition.

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