Double Adirondack Chair Assembly Instructions

For your convenience, our Double Adirondack Chair (Tete-a-Tete) is shipped 80% pre-assembled and will arrive in 3 boxes. The following instructions will help you easily complete the final assembly steps. 


You will need the following tools to assemble your new Tete-a-Tete:

  • Hex key (supplied in box 1)
  • Screwdriver (supplied in box 1)
  • 7/16" ratchet or wrench
  • 1/2" ratchet or wrench

Carefully unpack your new Tete-a-Tete.

You will have partially assembled chair pieces and a complete set of stainless steel hardware with washers and nuts labelled and divided by steps they are used for.


  1. You will need a 4' x 8' area of clear space to assemble this chair.
  2. To protect your chair from scratches during assembly place a blanket or cardboard underneath it.
  3. Lay out the legs beside the seat as in photo 2A.
  4. Match A to A and B to B (put sticky washer on inside leg first).
  5. Leaving 1 washer on the 5/16" by 2½" bolt (the one with 2 washers), slip it through both holes and add the second washer and nut on the other side.
  6. You will need to hold the bolt with hex wrench to keep it from spinning while tightening the nut. Do not tighten it tight yet.

Please note: We recommend using the nut with nylon bushing attached throughout the assembly, if you are having difficulty with them you can use the extra 5/16" nuts included in your bolt package.


  1. The four arms are added next.
  2. Leaving the medium washer on the 5/16" by 2½" bolt, slip it through the inside of the post.
  3. Add the largest washer, then slip the arm on placing the last small washer and nut inside the grooved area.
  4. Be sure to line up Arm A with post A and B with B.
  5. You will need to hold the bolt with the hex key to keep it from spinning while tightening the nut. Because this nut is inset we recommend using a ½" socket.


  1. Place backs underneath the seat facing up.
  2. Attach the back by using the ¼" by 5½" lag screw.
  3. Leaving the small washer on the lag slip it inside the back of the arm from the outside, then place the 2 medium washers in between the arm and the back frame and screw into place. Screw snug, not tight.


  1. Lay the front decorative board across the two seats (they should be laying side by side).
  2. Make sure they are in order A, B, C, D with arrows. Match the letters and arrows.
  3. You will notice pre-drilled holes; line them up and screw the board down with the 2" screws (16 screws).


  1. Place the curved lower back brace underneath both backs and line up the pre-drilled holes ("A" with "A", "B" with "B"...).
  2. Screw down both backs to the lower back brace using 2" screws (28 screws).


  1. Place table top face down on top of the underside of the arm rests. Line up the pre-drilled holes and screw down using 1½" screws (10 screws).


  1. Flip the entire unit over so that the top of the center table is face up. Use care not to scratch up your new chair turning it over.


  1. Install rear leg brace (1" x 3" x 68") lining up the pre-drilled holes and screw down using 2" screws (12 screws).
  2. Match A with A, B with B….


  1. Place the two pieces in place, flat one side and curved on the other pieces, using 4 x 2½" screws and 2 x 1½".
  2. Then place center back back (1" x 1¾" x 67½") lining up the pre-drilled holes and screw down using 2½" screws (6 screws). 


  1. Unfold chair and set upright. See folding instructions for details.
  2. If bolts are too tight it will be difficult to open. Just loosen nuts a bit.


  1. Install the 4 "Locking Blocks".
  2. Line up back so it rests against the last seat slat.
  3. Place the locking block in place and add a washer between the block and the leg then line up the pre-drilled hole. (Match locking block "A" with leg "A" etc…)
  4. Screw down using 3" screws (already in blocks). (1 screw per locking arm)
Optional: Packed with your locking blocks there are two 2 ½" screws. They are used if you want to permanently lock down your chair.
Important: Do not try to fold your chair if you decide to put the 2½" screws in.


  1. Set the bottom shelf in place (it will fit with the groove under the table) sliding in place on the frame below it.
  2. It is not screwed down, but just sits in place.

Your Double Adirondack Chair is now ready to use and enjoy!

If you have any questions regarding assembly, please contact us, call our toll free number 1-800-418-1433 or email