42" & 60" Adirondack Coffee Table Assembly Instructions

For your convenience, our Adirondack Coffee Tables are shipped 80% pre-assembled. The following instructions will help you to easily complete the final assembly steps. 

IMPORTANT: If using a screwdriver or a power drill to fasten the screws in place, please be careful to not over tighten the screws during Steps 1-5 as this could cause the screws to go trough the table top or braces. Snug fit only. 


  1. Carefully unpack your coffee table and lay the top three pieces face down on a flat surface using the cardboard and plastic that the table came in to protect the top surface from scratching.
  2. Place the half moon pieces on each side of the center piece matching A-1 with A-1, B-1 with B-1, C-1 with C-1 and D-1 with D-1.
  3. Screw in place with 4 x 21⁄2" screws in package marked "Step 1".


  1. Carefully place the center piece flat in the center matching A-2 with A-2, B-2 with B-2. Note: If the center piece is  marked with C and D instead, please match C-2 with C-2 and D-2 with D-2.
  2. Screw in place with the 1½" screws supplied in package marked "Step 2". 


  1. Place table legs in position matching A-3 with A-3, B-3 with B-3, C-3 with C-3 and D-3 with D-3.
  2. Screw in place with 1½ screws supplied in package marked "Step 3".


  1. Place table leg braces in place matching A-4 with A-4, B-4 with B-4, C-4 with C-4 and D-4 with D-4. Screw in place with 2½ screws supplied in package marked "Step 4 & 5".
  2. The braces that you will be placing in place first have small notches in the end. Please note that if you screw the braces in place without the notches first (Step 5), you will not be able to screw in place the braces of Step 4. 


  1. Place table leg braces in place matching A-5 with A-5, B-5 with B-5, C-5 with C-5 and D-5 with D-5.
  2. Screw in place with 2½" screws supplied in package marked "Steps 4 & 5".


  1. Carefully flip table right side up (ask someone to help). 

Your coffee table is now ready to use and enjoy! 

If you have any questions regarding assembly, please contact us, call our toll free number 1-800-418-1433 or email orders@dfcwoodworks.com.