Handmade Headrest Cushions

  • $84.99
  • $178.00


Treat yourself to one of our handcrafted and amazingly comfortable waterproof headrest cushions! The Heads Up chair wear cushion is made for optimum comfort and completely adjusts to your height. It offers additional relaxation for your neck by means of a tab that hangs over the back of the chairs with a decorative rust-proof weight! Simple elegance with a foam insert that is soft yet firm enough to offer great neck support.

Care & Cleaning 

The cover is easily removable for washing and drying. Just unzip and hand wash in warm water and mild soap. Let air dry for greater longevity.


The Heads Up Chair Wear cushion is fabricated in a "D" shape providing the best cushion for the neck. It is 12" long by 6" wide by a 3" radius for that optimum comfort no matter how tall you are as it will adjust to almost any height!